Top 5 Leather Furniture Trends

Top 5 Leather Furniture Trends

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Leather is trending in a major way within the interior design world, as you will notice when you peruse modern home magazines and Pinterest boards. Leather furniture can effortlessly add an air of classiness, welcoming comfort, and rustic style. But the ultimate beauty of leather, is that it is timeless, increasing in charm and value as it ages.

At Colorado Casual, we offer all types of leather furniture, including sofas, recliners, sectionals and chairs. We want to share the top five leather trends you should consider for your home.

Light Leather Hues: Leather furniture can tend to be dark, so it is recommended that you find a piece that matches the color scheme of your home, such as our Brinley2 Rocker Recliner. If you choose to stick with a darker tone, you can adorn it with colorful accent pillows and throws, or pair your sofa with a beautifully colorful rug.

Balance Weight and Texture: Leather can tend to look heavy and chunky in a small room if not implemented correctly. Try bringing a balance to your space by countering the perceptible weight with layered pillows, light throws, delicate lamps, and colorfully bright art.

Go Vintage: Along with the leather trend, furniture is seeing a reemergence of time-honored shapes and builds, including classic designs and vintage silhouettes. See how our Collegedale Sofa gives a subtle 70s vibe in a modern way. Whether you like green, red, or brown, you are sure to find a color that suits your decor palette.

Fun Shapes and Sizes: Part of what is bringing leather back to the forefront is new, imaginative designs. With a fresh look, leather can feel just as modern and sleek as other modern styles. The bonus is, our leather furniture is top quality and easy to maintain, so it is built to last.

Dark and Moody Interiors: Our final pick for top furniture trends includes purposefully dark and shadowy shades, which are a perfect fit for leather furniture designs. Our Collegedale Sectional offers a retro feel while still boasting a modern shape, that would go perfect in a room full of chocolatey brown rugs, charcoal accent tables, and warm accents surrounding the space.

We welcome you to stop by one of our Colorado furniture stores, in Westminster and Centennial, to check out our impressive leather furniture selection. You can test them out for yourself and ask any questions you may have. As one of the leading furniture stores in the Denver area, we are happy to help you find the perfect leather item for your home.