7 Home Design Trends In Denver

With our outdoorsy culture and gorgeous weather, Colorado home design trends can be a little different than everyone else’s. We live in one of the most beautiful and fun places in the country, and we’ve developed our own unique style to reflect our identity as Coloradoans. Here are 7 popular interior design trends 2018 is sure to be remembered for here in Colorado.

Outdoor Living Areas

With our beautiful weather in Denver, outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed during a majority of the year. That’s part of why this trend has been so strong year after year. Throughout town you’ll see a lot of outdoor living areas, dining areas, and kitchens, with many of them making use of brick. Some of the best designs use brick salvaged from Denver’s older homes, for an authentic classic look. You’ll also find that these spaces are made to be just as comfortable and attractive as indoor living areas, with furniture upholstered in colorful outdoor fabrics, and outdoor decor and wall art as decoration.

Focus-Worthy Windows

Decades of homebuilders in Denver have been well aware of Denver’s best features, and as a result, you’ll find a lot of big, beautiful windows in Denver’s historic homes, as well as newer custom homes. In 2018 you’ll see people playing up those windows for all they’re worth, framing views of the mountains in light, airy curtains that let in lots of Denver’s naturally abundant sunlight. In some instances, you’ll even find windows deliberately left bare for maximum impact, especially if they look out on a truly exceptional view.

Open Living Areas

Open living areas have gained steam nationwide, and Denver is no exception. The open feeling of living areas that flow easily from kitchen to dining area to living room work well with large windows and natural light. In some Colorado homes, you’ll even find that they are designed to flow just as easily from indoor living spaces to outdoor living spaces.

Natural Materials

Natural materials have been one of the top home decor trends for a while now and are likely to continue. Coloradoans love the outdoors, and when we can’t be outside, we bring the outdoors in through the use of natural materials. Of course, this means we see a lot of granite and stone, but it also means a lot of rustic wood and other natural materials, such as copper.

Rustic Hardware

In keeping with the natural materials, you’ll also find a lot of rustic hardware in Colorado homes. For instance, we’re starting to see light fixtures, curtain rods, and other decor made to look like they’re made from pipes. Sometimes they actually are! Primitive wooden furniture, which you can easily find in most Colorado furniture stores, maintains this look with rustic-looking hardware and finishes.


In a city that is known for its historical districts and traditional homes, retro has maintained its popularity, especially when you put retro and rustic together. Look for furniture with the straight, clean, and often edgy lines found in a lot of older styles. A related trend is to mix retro and modern elements, creating furniture and decor that looks old-fashioned and stylish but is really quite functional.

Bright Colors

With retro being so popular, it should be no surprise that bright colors are also very much in style. To take advantage of this trend, take an otherwise fairly neutral room and use bright colors as accents. For instance, many Denverites accent their homes with painted chairs, bright throw pillows, and colorful wall art. We are, after all, Colorful Colorado, so color is a part of our lives, inside and out!

Shop Locally for True Colorado Style

If you’re looking for furniture for your home that will reflect your identity as a Coloradoan, local is where you’ll want to shop. Colorado furniture stores will have a finger on the local pulse and will know what styles resonate with our residents. To see what inherently Colorado styles we have to offer, stop in to browse in one of Colorado Casual Furniture’s showrooms. Located at I-25 and County Line Road, our furniture store in Centennial, Colorado is easily accessible for residents in central and south Denver Metro residents, as well as other areas farther to the south. For those in the northern parts of town and beyond, our furniture store in Westminster, Colorado is located at Wadsworth Boulevard and 92nd Avenue. Stop in today and we’ll be happy to show you the most popular home design trends in Colorado.