7 Tips for Buying High-Quality, Low-Priced Furniture

Colorado Casual Furniture

Furnishing a house can be daunting and seem expensive. We know you’ll want to spend time looking for high-quality but inexpensive furnishing for your home and we are here to help you!

We want to help make sure no one gets caught up with mistakes while buying furniture. So, before you get started shopping, here are 7 tips for buying high-quality, low-priced furniture.

Buy One Piece at a Time at Colorado Casual Furniture

It’s a good idea to get rid of the objective of furnishing your entire house at once. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, there are many sales gimmicks aimed at people who want to buy a lot at once, and they may very well cost you more money in the long run. We’ll discuss this more in a few moments.

More importantly, at Colorado Casual Furniture you’ll find everything you like in one place. Furnishing a house is something that takes time to do right, especially if you’re on the lookout for style and quality.

Look for Real Wood in Denver, Colorado

If you’re buying furniture that you want to last more than a couple of years, you’ll want to look for furniture that is made of real wood. Most affordable furniture is made of composite or particle board, which breaks down easily. Veneered furniture is a higher-quality second choice, typically made of cheaper wood underneath with a thin layer of nicer wood on top, making it harder to do extensive repairs. Solid wood, on the other hand, can be sanded and refinished or repainted as needed for the remainder of its life and will hold up better through kids, pets, moves, and daily use.

Watch for Sales at Colorado Casual Furniture 

Sales can be used to your advantage if you know how to find them. Furniture stores frequently have sales a couple of times a year, sometimes because of holidays but also because they need to clear out inventory. Look for sales at stores that you already know have quality furniture for sale.

Ask About the Cost of Delivery

Buying the furniture is only the beginning. Getting it home can be the real homework project. Many furniture stores will deliver for free and even those that generally don’t, just might if you ask.


Let’s talk about haggling. You may not realize it, but many furniture stores are like car dealerships. Everything is negotiable. The furniture is typically marked up to give salespeople some wiggle room, and even if there isn’t much wiggle room, you might be able to score free delivery. So, go into the store with a firm budget in mind, and don’t be shy about letting the salesperson know that budget. You never know what they might be willing to offer you.

Avoid 0% Down Places

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re looking to buy high-quality furniture for a good price, do not shop at places that offer a 0% down plan. First of all, those plans are only deferred interest, which means that if you don’t pay the furniture off in the given amount of time, you’ll be hit with all of the accumulated interest. Also, they’re deliberately encouraging people to spend more by removing their budgets from the equation, and their furniture will be marked up accordingly.

Be Patient

Remember, furnishing an entire apartment or house with quality furniture takes time. Be patient and take the time to find the pieces you love, not just furniture to fill an empty space.

Find High Quality and Low Prices at Our Colorado Furniture Stores

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