A Creative Texas Home with Soft Textures and Vintage Charm

This house is magical. The owner did a great job of combining modern elements with vintage ones – creating a personal charm that unique to her space.

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http://www.designsponge.com/2017/05/a-creative-texas-home-with-soft-textures-and-vintage-charm.htmlA Creative Texas Home with Soft Textures and Vintage Charm – Design*Sponge Most of us probably have a dream house — the one you stroll past on your neighborhood walks and think “If only I could live there.” For Katie King, this house stood just one street over from where she lived in Denton, TX. When the house came up for sale six years ago, Katie and her husband James, a computer engineer, weren’t in the market to move, but decided to take a tour anyway. For Katie, something about that house had always felt like home. “A few days after we looked at it, some friends came over for dinner and we told them about going to see it and my friend said, ‘Wait, your dream house?!’… that did it for James, hearing someone else refer to it as my dream house,” Katie recalls. Soon after, the couple decided to make the move.

Moving into their new home involved renovating and a lot of hard work. Katie and James wanted to highlight the original details of their 1930s home, and this meant ripping up carpets, painting, staining and tearing down plaster ceilings to expose original shiplap, a hidden gem in many old Texas homes. One of the biggest endeavors was exposing the original wood floors that were covered with up to four layers of linoleum!

Bringing out the old charm of their two-floor, three-bedroom house has allowed Katie and James to create a home that feels warm and relaxing for them and their children, Felicity and Ames. The goal has always been for their home to foster beauty and creativity and to feel like a haven from the outside world. Katie, who is currently working with a friend to start a business doing home styling, design and staging, inherited her love for interiors from her own mother. “My childhood home was comfortable, beautiful, and in my memory even magical. She taught me to see beauty in everyday life. That is a lesson I want to pass on,” Katie shares.

In the front living room, antiques have been updated with soft cushions and colorful patterns. “I love to mix earthy, global textures and colors with more feminine pieces,” Katie shares. Many pieces have moved with Katie from home to home, like the green sofa that used to belong to her friend’s grandmother. The walls have recently been painted in Wild Aster by Benjamin Moore, a faint, icy pink. Read more at designsponge.com