Colorful Accent Chairs: Your Guide to These Stylish Seats

Accent chairs are a must for any decor. These versatile pieces look great and provide many creative ways to add interest to your decor. They are functional too, offering extra additional seating that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Here is everything you need to know about how to choose an accent chair.

Arm Chair

The arm chair is the most basic and common type of chair. With comfortable upholstery and high arms, this type of chair is suitable for spending long hours in, whether you’re lost in a good book or spending time chatting with friends. Arm chairs tend to be heavy and stationary, though, rather than the kind of chair you move wherever needed.

Club Chair

A more stylish variation on the arm chair, club chairs evoke cozy, old-world tableaus of little groupings of friends. These chairs tend to have a seat that is deeper than normal, with high upholstered arms and back and are often barrel-shaped for a classic appearance. Unique styling makes these chairs both comfortable and attractive.

Side Chair

Like the classic arm chair, the side chair is another kind you will commonly find in most homes. Compared with an arm chair, the side chair is narrower and lacks the arms, but offers a comparable level of comfort. A pair of these versatile chairs sets a picturesque stage, but they can also be brought out when the need for extra seating arises.

Parsons Chair

If you enjoy giving dinner parties or even just spending long hours at the dinner table, chatting over good wine and good food, you need parsons chairs around your dining table. A parsons chair is narrow and straight-backed, designed like a dining chair but with an upholstered seat and a tall upholstered back. The comfort factor combined with the sleek design make these ideal as dining chairs.

Occasional Chair

Occasional chairs are often quite attractive as accent pieces, carefully chosen to go with the decor, but also small enough to fit almost anywhere. More importantly, though, they are lightweight and easily brought forth when the occasion arises, making them extremely functional and versatile. Every home should have a few of these chairs disguised as decoration.

Tips for Choosing Accent Chairs

Once you know what style of accent chair you are looking for, it’s best to head into one of our Colorado furniture stores to make your final decisions. Browsing a furniture showroom enables you to see finishes and fabrics firsthand, and try chairs out to ensure comfort. For your shopping convenience, we have one furniture store in Centennial, Colorado to cover the southern end of the metro area, and another furniture store in Westminster, Colorado to cover the north. Visit one of our stores today to find the perfect accent chair for your home