Diving Dining: How to Choose the Perfect Dining Set

If you do a good job choosing your dining table set, it will be a collection of furniture that will be with you for many years to come. Experts say a high-quality table should last you five to ten years, but with the right care, it could last you even longer than that. Think of how many dining tables you see in antique stores. All those tables were new once! Their owners chose them carefully too, and they’ve passed the test of time.

With the right planning and care, your table could be with you for years, too. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right dining room set.


The size of your table is the first and most important consideration. Break out your tape measurer, because you’re going to need it! Here are a few measurements to consider before choosing a dining table.

* Measure out the area for the table. First, you’ll want to measure out the area for the table. If you’ve already been looking at tables, use the measurements of one you’re already considering. If you haven’t started looking yet, measure the available area in the dining room to get an idea of what size table you should be looking for.

* Check for enough space around the table. In general, you’ll want 30 to 36 inches of empty space around the table. If you have furniture such as a china cabinet or buffet against the walls, that means you need that much space between the furniture and the table. This will give enough space for chairs to be pushed back and people to get in and out of them. Keep in mind if you pick out larger chairs, you will need to leave more space around the table for them.

* Measure out the space for place settings. There will always be times when you will need to fit more people at your table, but for everyday use, make sure your table won’t be too crowded. You’ll want to make sure every place setting has about two feet of space, possibly a little more or less depending on the size of the chair.

As you’re measuring all of this out in your home, don’t forget to give yourself a visual so that you can see about how much space the table will take up. Block out the measurements for the table with blue painter’s tape and practice walking around it. You

can even give yourself a more powerful visual by putting a few chairs or other furniture inside the tape, so you can see what the room will feel like with that space filled.


The shape of your table can make a big difference in how much space you have on the table, as well as how much room you have (or feel like you have) to move around it.

* Square or rectangular: Square and rectangular tables are the most common, and for good reason. Those corners maximize the available area on top of the table. You might not notice on a daily basis, but for special occasions, the corners will offer places to put things like serving dishes. The downside is that square and rectangular tables can also make rooms feel crowded.

* Round or oval: These tables may be less popular, but they are perfect for crowded rooms or busy spaces. The rounded corners offer more space to move around the table, and tease the eye into thinking the room is bigger because there’s more empty space. The downside: less surface area on the tabletop, which you’re sure to notice when you’re hosting.

You will also want to roughly match the shape of your table to the shape of the room, or at least of the space you have available for the table. For instance, if you have a fairly square space, a round or square table will fit best. Likewise, a rectangular space will look best with a rectangular or oval table filling it.


You’ll want a dining room set that complements your overall decor, so it’s important to remember to pay attention to style. Here are a few areas where style can make a huge difference.

* Types of material: What your table is made out of can have a huge impact on how it fits in with your decor and your home’s style. For instance, wood tends to have a more traditional feel to it, while glass, metal, or even stone and granite tend to feel more modern.

* Types of supports: The type of legs or other supports underneath a table is also a stylistic decision. You’ll find that tables with ordinary legs, one at each corner, tend to be more traditional or formal, whereas those with pedastals or trestles seem more modern or casual.

* Height of table: Traditionally, dining tables sit around 30 inches tall, but you will also see “gathering height” tables, which are about countertop height, or 36 inches tall, as well as bar height tables, which are 40 to 42 inches tall. Both of these taller options are well suited for a more modern or casual atmosphere.


Finally, it’s important to put some serious thought into the type of seating you want around your table. Here are a few factors to consider.

* Comfort: First and foremost comes the issue of comfort. If you’ll be entertaining or hosting dinner parties, you’ll want chairs that your guests can sit in comfortably for hours. This means chairs that are well-padded and upholstered, both in the seat and in the back.

* Size: The size of your table might determine the width of the chairs you need, so this is when it’ll benefit you to have measured. Your chairs will need to fit around the table. Make sure they are also small enough to be pushed back in the space available, and the right height for the table you’ve chosen.

* Style: The style of the chairs you choose is important too. Straight, narrow upholstered chairs will fit almost any style, but if your decor is extremely traditional or extremely modern, you’ll want chairs that complement your style.

Narrow down your chair selections, but once you get close to making a decision, you’ll want to try them out. This is when it benefits you to shop at Colorado furniture stores. Bring a chair you are considering over to the table of your choice and sit at it. Make sure the height of everything feels comfortable, and that you can cross your legs under the table.

The Colorado Casual Difference

With so many factors going into your choice of a dining table and chairs, it’s important to make this decision only after seeing, touching, and sitting in the furniture. We have two showrooms for your convenience, so that no matter where you are in Denver or the surrounding area, there is a store for you. Residents to the north side of the metro area will appreciate our furniture store in Westminster, Colorado, while those to the south will be interested in our furniture store in Centennial, Colorado. Come in today and let our experiences salespeople help you choose the perfect dining set.