DIY Floor Replacement – Tips and Idea

If the floors in your home look dated and damaged and you are looking for DIY floor replacement solutions that are budget-friendly and easy to do, here are a few materials that you can install quickly, without having to use complicated machines:

  • Engineered wood planks – this type of flooring gives you the beauty of natural wood, but without requiring you to do any gluing or sanding and without needing any finishing. It comes in many different colors and textures, so you can easily find the variety that suits the style of your room;
  • Laminate floor – this type replicates the texture of wood with a surface made of plastic, so it is a great solution that looks like the natural material and offers the durability and the resistance to scratches, stains, wear and fading that are characteristic of plastic;
  • Cork – another affordable, durable and attractive natural material that is warm to walk on and absorbs the sounds of walking like no other flooring type;
  • Vinyl sheets – great for kitchens, halls and bathrooms, vinyl sheets are available in various textures, colors and patterns. The sheets are durable, cheap and very easy to install, you can even lay them on top of the existing flooring, without removing the old flooring. 

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