How to Choose the Right Bed Size for You

Choose the Right Bed Size_Colorado Casual Furniture

Sleep may be a naturally recurring altered state of consciousness that some individuals don’t think much about, but for some, it is a stressful part of each day that doesn’t always come quite so easy. Restful and regenerative sleep is vital to maintaining one’s health and sanity. It’s true that regular bedtime routines and other tactics can help improve quality of sleep, but it all starts with having the ideal bed to fit your comfort needs.

How do you choose the right bed size for you? Here are some key things to consider.

Do you sleep alone or with a partner?

If you are a solo sleeper, you don’t quite need the space a queen or king bed provides. Some folks who do sleep with a loved one even find it comforting to share a full size or queen bed because it allows them to cuddle up with their partner more easily. If you prefer more space to spread your dreamy wings, it is best to opt for a queen or king size bed, which will provide at least 30 to 38 inches of horizontal space for each partner. Keep in mind that some people, even though in a solid relationship, simply prefer sleeping alone due to being easily disturbed by co-sleepers. In this case, we recommend two twin size beds.

How tall are you?

Make note that full-size beds are shorter in length and width than queen and king beds. They are best suited for folks that are five feet, five inches tall or shorter.

Do you sleep with pets?

You may very well decide you like having your pets in bed, but you just want them a little bit further away. In this case, consider a king bed (or queen bed if you are a solo sleeper).

How big is your room?

It is important to have ample space for movement and other key furniture items in your bedroom. Measurements of your room are helpful to have before making a final selection. Although some beds get pushed up against the wall, for co-sleepers, it is ideal to have a good amount of space around the bed for easy exit and entrance access.

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