How to Choose the Right Sofa Color

Choose the Right Sofa Color_Colorado Casual

The sofa is one of the most used furniture items in your home. It is a major staple in the overall decor and theme of your common area, where guests and family gather. It is not a furniture item you replace regularly, so if you are getting ready to purchase a new sofa, make sure you choose one that you will be happy with for a few years.

Although comfort and style are important factors is sofa shopping, color is also a huge component to consider. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right sofa color for your home.

Decorating a Living Room from Scratch

This is an exciting situation to be in. A blank slate allows you to choose any color or print your heart desires. The only things to keep in mind are your wall color and carpet or floor color. Matching your sofa color to the wall color is believed to make the space look larger. However, you can easily paint your walls or add a rug to accommodate your sofa hue. Decorating a living room from the ground up allows you to choose a statement sofa that sets the tone for the entire room.

Adding a Sofa to a Decorated Space

In this scenario, you must consider this question: Will your new sofa be neutral amongst your existing decor, or will it serve as an accent piece to spruce things up? Neither answer is favored, but it is helpful to decide what role you want your new sofa to play. Keep in mind that neutral colors are easier to make work in an existing environment. You can easily add accent pillows to change the entire color scheme, and switch them out seasonally. That being said, who doesn’t love color?! Just make sure to choose a color you really love if you go this route.

Light or Dark

In both scenarios, the hue will have a different impact based on how light or dark it is. A dark sofa will make the entire room a bit darker due to its size. If your space is already covered in dark shades, you might want to contrast that with a lighter sofa. Trying putting a sheet of the color you are considering over your existing sofa to see how you feel about the shade. Keep in mind that hues that are lighter are more like to get dirty quickly, especially with little ones or pets.

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