How to Create a Feng Shui Living Room in 5 Easy Steps

What is feng shui? Don’t be put off by the seeming mumbo-jumbo. The basic principles of feng shui are to promote positive energy and discourage negative energy, and you’ll find this can actually be pretty practical in decorating. Don’t worry too much about the more complicated rules — we’re going to show you how to create a feng shui living room in 5 easy steps.

Brighten and Ventilate

The ideal feng shui living room should have two exterior walls to bring in fresh light and air, and promote the easy flow of positive energy, or qi, in your home. Take advantage of those exterior walls by opening curtains and inviting in the natural light. Opening windows to ventilate and bring in fresh air will also help in your quest to promote the flow of qi.

Maintain Natural Pathways

Your living room should be uncrowded so that you can create and maintain a natural pathway through the room. This makes common sense on a safety level too, as you don’t want people knocking into things as they walk through your living room. But feng shui wants to keep those pathways accessible, too, and not just for people: Open pathways also allow the free flow of qi throughout the room.

Plan a Positive Focus

Invite positive energy into your home by arranging the living room furniture so that the room’s occupants can contemplate the natural beauty outside the windows no matter where they’re sitting. If this is difficult to do for everyone, consider hanging a strategically placed mirror. A fireplace — the hearth, traditionally the center of the home — is another good focal point.

Avoid Sharp Edges

To promote an atmosphere of restfulness, your living room furniture should contain a lot of rounded edges. The one exception is the coffee table, which must be square or rectangular to serve its best function. Just don’t position the furniture so that the corners — which direct negative energy — point directly at any of the seats in the room.

Illuminate a Positive Atmosphere

Besides the natural light that you invited into your living room in the very first step, the lighting you choose for your living room can make a difference in the energies in the room. Include plenty of mood-setting lamps, which create positive, upward-facing light, and reserve overhead light for task lighting.

Feng Shui Made Easy with Our Colorado Furniture Stores

Hopefully, these feng shui living room tips show how practical promoting positive energy in your home can be. For more ideas on decorating, visit our main furniture store in Centennial, Colorado. We also have a furniture store in Westminster, Colorado to serve the north end of the Denver Metro area.