Keeping Track of the Most Popular Trends in Furniture Styles for 2017

Want to know what’s in and out in 2017? While 2016 was a year of significant change when it comes to interior design and furniture trends, this year has already seen a much more pronounced shift towards livelier colors, unusual textures and mixed furniture style trends.

Green Furniture

It stands to reason that, with the renewed focus on environmental concerns, environmentally responsible trends such as green furniture would gain in popularity this year.

Green furniture eliminates the negative impact of toxic finishes and materials that leave a large carbon footprint. Instead, we are gaining a livelier look, a more refreshing take on interior (and exterior) furniture designs and a welcome shift toward greener manufacturing materials.

Contemporary and Mixed Styles

The most popular trends in furniture styles this year are not only leading to a more natural and practical outlook on furniture, but also to the blending of contemporary and ornate, vintage styles.

Gone are the days when you had to build an entire room out of embellished and ornate pieces. In 2017, the trends show a much more convenient approach in leaning towards mixed styles that blend in contemporary, modern and antique furniture items for a classy, yet versatile look.

Smaller, More Practical and Multifunctional Pieces

Our homes keep getting smaller, so it stands to reason that the furniture industry would rise to the occasion and provide renewed options when it comes to furniture that has a smaller profile.

Chairs, recliners and sofas with a smaller profile are especially popular now. Also, practical and specialty choices like technology-driven and custom-made furniture items keep gaining higher ground. Finally, there is a much greater focus on multi-functional furniture in the interest of promoting a more unique and practical living space.

Other, less noticeable changes are also in. Not only are we seeing a decline in brushed metal and an increase in furniture featuring matte finishes, but marble, “cerused” wood finishes, bedazzling jewel tones and down-to-earth subway tiles are further evidence that we’re heading more towards an era driven by change and diversity in furniture style trends.

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