Ludacris Gives His Mom a Home Makeover

This makeover is so perfect with Mother’s Day around the corner. If you’re looking for an affordable furniture store in Denver with quality pieces that are perfect for mom, stop by Colorado Casual today! Houzz: Ludacris Gives His Mom a Home Makeover Chris Bridges credits a lot of his success as a recording artist and an actor to his mother, Roberta.

Bridges is better known as the Atlanta rapper Ludacris, with hit songs including What’s Your Fantasy and Stand Up, and for his recurring role as Tej Parker in the film franchise The Fast and the Furious.

He says his mother taught him about hard work and dedication.

“That’s why I’m where I am and who I am today,” he says.

Recently, Bridges decided to surprise his mom by making over the living room, dining room, kitchen and office with new colors and furnishings he knew she’d like so she’d finally feel that the home was hers. Read more at