Modern Furniture Design Trends 2018


The world of interior design is full of trends, many of which seem to disappear as quickly as they debut. With so many different decorating trends to consider, it can be tough to know which ones are worth trying. When you’re putting together your space, it’s important to combine your own sense of style with a few fun design trends – that’s the secret to creating a look that you truly love. You should also consider choosing items that balance both trendy and classic elements, so you aren’t stuck updating your room once the trend goes out of style.

At Colorado Casual Furniture, our team constantly has an eye out for the latest design trends, and our ever-rotating selection of furniture provides plenty of options. For customers looking for a Denver furniture store that offers the best of timeless and trendy, Colorado Casual fits the bill. When it comes to the modern furniture design trends of 2018, here are a few of our favorites that are sure to stand the test of time.

Comfort-Oriented Spaces

The trend of stuffy, complicated rooms is gone. Thankfully, interior design trends have shifted towards spaces that are comfortable, cozy and welcoming. Plush recliners, buttery-soft leather couches, and plenty of fluffy throws are in style now, and not expected to go away any time soon. Get rid of your formal couch and switch things up with a super-soft sectional instead. Your new couch will set the stage for family movie nights and afternoon naps.

Colorful Kitchens

For years, white everything was the focus on kitchen design. However, the fun has been injected back into this useful room, in the form of a vivid color palette that provides limitless options. Many homeowners are refinishing or painting their cabinets in rich shades like navy blue, emerald green, or even a moody gray, balancing the color with a neutral backsplash. Another way to incorporate this trend is to keep your neutral cabinets but paint your kitchen island a unique shade. Then, add in some stylish bar stools to round out the look.

Monochromatic Rooms

Kitchens may be taking a colorful turn, but other rooms in the house are seeing an emerging trend of monochromatic design. Choosing several large pieces in a similar shade is a great way to add a sense of calm to any space. You can try this trend in a bedroom or bathroom. Consider structuring your living room around a sectional and comfy chair in similar hues, sprinkling in small pops of color in relaxing shades of blue and green.


The past several years have seen a significant interest in Scandinavian-inspired minimalism. This includes ultra-simplistic pieces with a clean look and little to no layers of decor. However, the tides have turned back to a more collected look, with rooms receiving a generous dose of personality and color. The idea is to create the feeling that a room has been slowly designed over time, with numerous layers added to generate interest. Luckily, you don’t have to spend years to

successfully achieve this look – simply combine a range of complementary styles and unique pieces. Mixing modern furniture and an eclectic collection of accent pieces is a cost-effective way to maximize this style.

Simple, Relaxing Bedrooms

Though maximalism is a hot trend of 2018, there’s one part of the home that designers are keeping simple: the bedroom. Creating a relaxing environment in the bedroom is an excellent way to make it your private retreat, your place to escape from all the stresses of daily life. When you choose your bedroom set, look for clean lines and simple shapes. Incorporating wood tones and modern designs is a wonderful way to add warmth to the space. This way, your bedroom will feel cozy while still maintaining a calm, simple look.

Nature-Inspired Furnishings

Wood furniture has always been a fixture in the design world, but this year is showing newfound appreciation for its ability to add a natural element to any space. Incorporating pieces in natural wood tones add a small nod to nature within your indoor space and can soften any room. You can accent with wood using a small side table or make a bigger statement with a luxurious wood bedroom set.

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