Living Room

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As a living room is the central hub of your home, it can be a space for a variety of different needs; a hang out zone for your family; a place to gather for cocktails, game nights, or viewing parties; or somewhere to simply lay back and zen out alone. No matter the crowd, living room sets help to create a versatile space to accommodate the many types of the company better.

The style you choose for your living room helps you set the mood of your space. Whether you want a cozy, relaxing vibe; a fun, funky attitude; or a simple, elegant flair, you can achieve the look you are after with several well-chosen pieces of furniture. When shopping for living room furniture in Denver, we at Colorado Casual have the selection to fulfill your needs and bring your vision to life.

Color Scheme For Living Room

The color scheme you pick sets the tone for the living room you build around it. When it comes to choosing your big pieces, such as sofas or armchairs, there are several different directions you can go.

You may choose to be bold and select furniture that reflects your color scheme; a blue, purple, or green couch becomes a statement piece and will pop when you surround it with the right accents. On the other hand, staying in neutral shades of gray, brown, or black can create a perfect blend of casual sophistication―especially when paired with the perfect paint and secondary tones.

On top of the color, do not forget to consider the practicality of what you pick. If your family and friends spend a lot of time in your living room, it can be important to keep in mind a practical style that will surpass the time of any strains or other excessive use. At Colorado Casual Furniture, we can help guide you to the best textiles for your daily routine.

Space Planning For Living Room

The size and layout of your room typically determine the types of furniture you end up choosing. A couch is no longer just a couch. ― There are a few different styles and configurations available, including:

Full-length sofa
Corner sectional
Sectional with chaise

We have got options in all types of seating to make planning your space easier. Larger rooms may benefit from both a loveseat and a full-length sofa, while smaller areas may only need one or the other along with an armchair to seat one more person. Sectionals can help divide open-concept homes and give some separation between living and dining spaces. They are also a great way to create an intimate and cozy seating area.

Consider the number of people that you need to host in your living room. Sometimes you have to accommodate more people than you think you have a place for and would be surprised how versatile living room sets can be. Many of our sectionals feature a chaise that is detachable, allowing you to move it to the other side if it fits the layout of your home better that way.

When planning your space, keep in mind the placement of end tables and coffee tables. A well-placed table not only adds visual interest but also gives your family and your guests a convenient spot to set down their drink.

Comfortable Furniture Seating For Living Room

Your living room should be a space where you want to spend hours of your time. Therefore, the seating should be comfortable enough to make that happen. Depending on your preferences, you may want a sofa with a firmer cushion that is easy to jump on and off of. However, maybe soft and plush is more your preference with a couch you can melt into and fall asleep on a sunny afternoon. An ottoman makes it possible to kick up your feet and settle in for an extended stay. Most of our living room pieces also include throw pillows for an added layer of snug support.

Regardless of the type of cushion you love best, we have pieces that fit the bill on comfort. With any sofa you select, you will be able to relax and read a book, watch television, do your favorite craft, or sit and talk with your loved ones in a serene space designed for pleasurable living.

Living Room Perfection

The perfect living room is whatever you want it to be. When you can create a space that suits your style, while accommodating the needs of your family and your guests, you will be able to enjoy the room you worked so hard designing. Let the heart of your home thrive in a place with your personal touch and style.

At Colorado Casual, we have the most diverse selection to help you get the living space you desire. Stop in and visit us at one of our conveniently-located stores in Centennial and Westminster to see all the pieces we have to offer.