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A recliner is a perfect addition to any room in your home, providing a comfortable spot to sit back and relax while also adding extra flair. Recliners can act as the centerpiece in a space, help tie colors and patterns together or serve as the missing touch to make a room feel complete.

Though it may be easy to find great reasons on why you need a recliner, it can be challenging to find the perfect one. To better select a comfy new addition for your home, here are the top tips to follow.

How to Find the Perfect Recliner

There are essential tips to make your recliner shopping experience as enjoyable as sitting in one may feel. Here is a list of how to do so:

Choose a Recliner That Matches You: If you are tall, you will want a recliner that features a tall back and long footrest. Whereas, smaller individuals may wish to invest in a recliner that is smaller in length. Consider your size and the dimensions of the recliner to maximize comfort and support.

Consider Your Price Range: Everyone loves a great bargain. However, premium prices result in a premium product with additional padding, support, and longer lifespans. ― Every recliner at Colorado Casual Furniture is competitively priced, so carefully examine available options for good deals on great models.

Match Your Recliner With Your Room: It is important to consider the decor of a room. Recliner chairs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. They can blend in for a unified theme, or boldly stand out as a great accent piece. A plain, tan recliner may match your decor, but a bold blue, stylish red, or welcoming brown leather recliner may be the touch of color your room needs. ― It is important to consider how you want the recliner to fit in your room.

The Purpose of a Recliner

Recliner chairs are an exquisite and welcoming blend of modern fashion, providing ultimate comfort and relaxation. Consider these basic types of recliner chairs, choosing the purpose that best matches your room.

Rocker Recliner Chair: Rocker recliner chairs include an extra range of comfort. These versatile chairs provide a relaxing rocking and reclining motion favored by many. Most rocker recliners use a glider function; however, some are manufactured more traditionally.
Sectional Sofa with Recliner: Comfort is best experienced when shared with good company. A sectional sofa with recliner functionality allows you to offer stylish, cozy seating to all your guests and family. Though it acts as a great way to use your space adequately, there are things to consider before purchasing.

Leather Recliner: The durable material of leather recliners offer a classic look and hard-wearing protection. Choosing a leather recliner allows you to enjoy premium, luxury seating for a more extended period.

Fabric Recliner: Though some recliners come in leather, many come in fabric. Fabric recliners are typically more affordable and come in more patterns as well. Fabric recliners are a good option if you want a comfortable, affordable alternative.

Considering the functionality of your recliner is important. If it is placed in your study as a reading chair, you may want a more ornate, decorative style. However, a living room centerpiece needs to be durable, comfortable, and versatile enough for sitting or laying down. If your recliner is being used to sleep on, make sure it can fully recline where you can lay comfortably.

Shop for Recliners in Denver, Colorado

As a leading provider of excellent furniture, Colorado Casual Furniture is an excellent choice for your next recliner. Shop conveniently at Westminster or Centennial for deals on a diverse range of premium recliners. Whether you are new to the area or long-time residents, let us welcome you to Colorado with an impressive array of rocker recliner chairs, leather recliner chairs, and many other modern recliner chair styles. Visit one of our two locations, or contact us to find out more about our products, warranty information, custom orders and more.

Let our trained staff guide you through the process and help you choose the best recliner for your home. From upscale to everyday style, you will find all the reclining options you need at Colorado Casual Furniture.

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Carolynne Recliner

Create an atmosphere of casual ambiance with the Carolynne reclining chair. Its slightly rugged charm works well with any decor. This shapely silhouette sports a brass nail trim, pub back, and wooden block leg. Make sure you check out Leonard if you're interested in seeing it in all leather. Hundreds of fabric options to get your perfect combination!
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Collegedale Recliner

Our Collegedale collection will lend a retro feel to your living area. This silhouette is small enough to fit almost any family room, yet large enough to accommodate your guests. With its clean lines, matching welt, and high tapered legs, you will certainly enjoy its sophisticated profile. Available as a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, push back reclining chair, floating ottoman chaise, and sectional. Also available in leather.
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