Sofas + Sectionals

To add extra comfort to a living space, sofas stand as the perfect addition. Available in a variety of different colors and patterns, they provide total versatility while also supplying comfortable seating. With high-quality options and gorgeous fabric choices, a sectional couch or sofa stands as the focal point of a space and most important piece in your living room.

The Most Important Furniture Piece in Your Living Room

Here are six reasons why no living room is complete without its sofa or sectional:

Personality: Partly because of their size and partly because of their central location, sofas play a significant role in establishing a living room feng shui. From rustic leather to luxurious velvet, sofas bring a room to life.
Comfort: Sitting down on a comfy sofa brings instant stress-relieving relaxation.

Excitement: The primary purpose of a living room is to create a place to enjoy life. A great sofa lets you share drinks with friends, make awesome family memories, and celebrate your favorite sports events.
Space creation: With a sofa, you can design a distinctive seating layout that looks beautiful and makes your home unique. You can add comfy ottomans, armchairs, or additional sofas to create the perfect focal space.

Focus: Interior designers love the power of sofas and sectionals. They get noticed immediately and makes it easy to create artistic color accents that pop.

Change: If you are looking to breathe new life into your living room, or create an entirely different personal style from scratch, starting with a sofa helps tie other pieces together much easier.

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Choose the Perfect Sofa Type

Sofas and sectionals come in a large variety of shape options. This opens up endless available design possibilities.

Traditional sofas: Long and luxurious, these sofas allow for lots of seating with smooth room flow.
Loveseats: Smaller than traditional sofas, loveseats are ideal for cozy spaces, colorful accent pieces, or conservation areas with a mixture of different furniture types.
Sleeper sofas: Effortlessly handling dual roles, sleeper sofas perform beautifully day in and day out, and transform into stylish sleeping quarters when friends or family want to spend the night.

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas allow for vast amounts of customization. As they can be disassembled and rearranged, they allow you to fully take advantage of any available space. They can be flexible enough for smaller apartment living rooms or help fill the space of bigger homes. No matter the circumstance, they offer extensive amounts of relaxed comfort.

Sectionals come in a variety of different shapes:

U-shaped sectionals
L-shaped sectionals
Chaise sectionals
Curved sectionals

Expressing your inner fashion designer is not dependent on where you live. Any space, no matter the square footage you are limited to, can wow a guest while expressing your personality. The right sectional sofa layout has the power to turn even small spaces into party-equipped entertainment spots, while also adding a warmer side to expansive open-concept living rooms.

Endless Style Possibilities

Now comes the fun part. Having taken care of functionality, it is time to focus on the kind of vibe you want to create.

1930s vintage
1960s retro

Our distinctive style options make it easy to find the perfect fit for your dream design.

High-Quality Construction and Comfort

At Colorado Casual Furniture, our principal focus is always quality. Put simply, we understand how essential sofas and sectionals are in living room design, and we want to provide you with a high-quality piece that lasts forever. Paying careful attention to the details and using the best materials makes a huge difference in eternal comfort, trustworthy durability, and gorgeous style.

Custom Fabrics That Fit Your Lifestyle

Sofa materials affect more than just the appearance of your sofa. They adapt to the needs and personality of your family. We offer over 400 different fabrics and leather types to give you the most options to choose from:

Over 20 different high-grade leather tones.
High-performance fabrics geared towards excellent stain resistance.
Bright fabric hues for the perfect pop of color.
Distinctive patterns for a chic fashion statement.
Natural materials designed for comfort and coolness.
Luxurious velvet textures.

Some options are ideal for an easy maintenance, high-durability lifestyle of families with small children and pets, while others are works of art that regale all of your senses. No matter the kind of lifestyle you live, there is an option for you. ― Even if that is the choice to use slipcovers to leave the material untouched forever.

Contact Colorado Casual

At Colorado Casual Furniture, we believe that there are no limits to the things you can do with the right sofa. All you need is a little inspiration and exceptional sectional to work with.

To get started designing your ideal combination of style, material, and layout, stop by one of our locations today. Our experienced design experts can offer helpful sofa buying tips to make choosing your ideal sofa even easier.

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