Modern Tables

It is easy to take life’s beautiful moments for granted, especially those involving tables. Think back to the last time you laughed with a loved one or cried of happiness with friends; chances are, a table was present. Tables create a foundation for life, providing us with a space to indulge in different emotions, and though they act as a base for our memories, they play a significant role in decor too.

When it comes to filling a home, dining tables are just the tip of the iceberg. ― End tables, coffee tables, bar tables, console tables. But what is it about having great tables that turn a house into a home?

Incredible and Versatile Modern Tables

The incredible amount of diversity involving tables makes them a favorite tool of interior decorators, adding pops of color and excitement to any room.

Not only do tables behave as special additions to a carefully furnished home, but they have an especially strong effect on your day. Here is why:

Family: Tables see countless family nights playing board games and laughing together.
Friends: An elegant dining room table is one of the best places to entertain guests.
Happy mornings: Breakfast nooks let you enjoy a gorgeous sunrise, fresh morning air, and quiet reflection amongst freshly-brewed coffee.
Romantic evenings: Tall bistro tables add some Parisian flair to any home or apartment, making them perfect for a candlelight dinner for two.
Conversation: Talking about how things went during the day, face to face across a comfortable table, is one of the best ways to build a close family bond.
Time together: With a table of great size, one member of the family can take care of homework while another begins to write the next hit novel.

Different Table Types

Different table styles bring different experiences. A little confused by the different names and styles of accent tables for your home? Don’t worry, here are some easy-to-understand explanations:

Coffee tables: The quintessential table for entertaining, coffee or cocktail tables generally sit in front of a sectional or in the middle of a conversation area.
Sofa tables: Also known as console tables, sofa tables have a long, tall and narrow profile that is ideal for displaying decorative objects against a wall or behind a sectional.
End Tables: These beautiful accent pieces nestle nicely at the end of sofas, in between armchairs or in-room corners. They are innately expressive, and adding a lamp can make the effects even stronger.
Chairside Tables: This kind of table is fairly similar to an end table, but it has a narrower construction making it a better fit between chairs and wall.
Bistro/Bar Tables: Available in various heights, bistro tables are easy to recognize by their round tabletop and petite frame.

How To Choose the Right Table

How can you decide which table produces maximum flair for your dream design? Besides the most important factor – your decorative instincts – there are a few essential points to consider:

1. Space

Before falling in love with a table, always measure the available space you are given. Many decorators recommend leaving about 36” between your dining table and wall for comfort; For cocktail tables, allow 18”-24” between table and sofa so people can move freely.

2. Style

Each piece in a room tells a story, with tables themselves being particularly eloquent. Here are a few possibilities on the different styles of tables and the personality they may bring to space:

Vintage chic: In this tribute to the 1920s and 1930s, intricate details, artwork, luxury, and romance are key. Metal and glass add lustrous excitement, but dark-toned woods also evoke speakeasy swagger.
Retro modern: Bold colors, materials outside of the norm and geometric shapes all bring back the 1970s in style. This art-heavy design relies a lot on your personal inspiration, so feel free to add decor that stands out to you.
Industrial: Look for tables with raw details made of materials such as concrete, metal, and glass. Sharp contours are a great match for the cool vibe of exposed-brick designs.
Casual farmhouse: This style is all about being yourself. Natural wood tones, soft contours, and imperfect finishes fit the relaxed atmosphere of country living.
Minimalist: Here, shape and simplicity are everything. The artful use of distinctive shapes makes a bold impact.
Exotic: Mysterious designs and rich woods make you feel like a world traveler who has lived in places like Thailand or India.

3. Routine

If you entertain a lot of friends, a large round or rectangular dining room table allows ample room for seating. For quick meals as a couple before heading off to work, bistro or smaller sized tables let you make your breakfast nook anywhere – even in the bedroom.

4. Shape

A table’s form has a tremendous impact on the surrounding space. Creating a retro theme where the majority of your furniture is curved, adding a circular coffee table makes total fashion sense. You can also create contrast with geometric shapes or soften living room designs that seem too harsh or cold by using an oval coffee table made of beautiful wood.

Dining Tables in Denver

High-quality tables last a lifetime and make your home feel unique. At Colorado Casual Furniture, we give you total creative control when it comes to decorating. For more information or helpful assistance choosing the perfect tables in Denver, contact us today!