Top Modern Furniture Colors for the Holidays

When Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, you want family and friends to feel warm and welcome inside your abode; Especially in the brisk winter season in Denver. This might include redecorating with festive ornaments or adding new furniture pieces to give a space more personality. ― While most people associate the holidays with red and green, here is a list of additional colors to consider when decorating for the holiday season.


In typically all furniture stores in Denver, there are plenty amounts of beautiful bronze furniture. Though bronze furniture certainly matches any brown décor you have, it looks particularly splendid alongside sandy neutrals, creamy whites, and brilliant golds. You can have everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner and sit them around the gorgeous Laurelhurst Rustic Dining Pieces, a set which best exemplifies American heritage.

Linen White

You do not always have to go for items that are so bold. Occasionally, the best way to make a room stand out is with the use of a classic white, shown with the Ronny Chair. The best part with white furniture is that it will give any room the feeling of warmth as though sunshine is beaming down on it. With snow gently coming down outside and your home looking like a winter wonderland inside, it will truly feel like the holidays. To better complement the snowy feel, you can use a more ivory tone with shades of charcoal and lavender.

Powder Blue, Teal and Periwinkle

Homeowners who want to give their abodes a more upscale feel should choose to experiment with the combination of powder blue and periwinkle. The mix of blues creates a calming effect but can be elevated immensely with an infusion of teal. The combination brings out a sophisticated palette that looks great in either the living room or bedroom; The Milton Chair in Ocean matches this aesthetic perfectly.

Black, Cobalt, and Taupe

This is another palette that experiments with blue; An ideal color for the snowy, wintery holiday season. Taupe brings texture to a piece while the addition of a cobalt blue grounds the item. All these shades together create the aesthetic of waking up in the morning next to luxurious mountains. A great comfy, cobalt piece to try out is the Juno Sectional.

Black and Gold

When you want a color palette that will be desirable even after the holidays come to an end, you cannot go wrong with gold and black. Gold is a classic shade seen throughout the holidays, and its shimmer and shine are perfect for creating focal points in a room. Adding a black element to this creates a more luxe look, better seen with the Truffle Backless Swivel Stool.

Bright White and Green

Most people decorate around the holidays using red and green items; however, this theme can look a little dated. To create a more modern aesthetic, you can put a contemporary, festive twist on the combination. Instead of opting for red and green, you can pair that green with bright whites; You can never go wrong with The Bethany Chair and crisp white pillows.


In the event you are planning on decorating with reds, you can balance it out with silver; The Sorrento Barstool exemplifies this color combination well. A silver shading serves as an ideal backdrop to brighter accents. When decorating any room, you want to consider the balance between warm and cold tones.

Modern Furniture in Denver

Modern furniture stores have plenty of pieces for you to decorate your home with, but none are better than Colorado Casual Furniture. We are a local, high-quality furniture store that is dedicated to making sure your abode matches your personality perfectly. Contact us today to see how we can help redecorate your home for the holidays!